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The Wood Window Makeover team is excited to welcome you to the Artisan Army with your own handmade Wood Window to finish & install yourself.

All Our Handmade Wood Windows are 1-lite frames unfinished without glaze, glass, or hardware using a 1 3/8" thickness. Each Wood Window is built using mortise and tenon joinery from Accoya wood.

Please see below to learn more about our tailored kits to assist with glazing, mechanical makeover, painting, and hardware for your Wood Window.

Now let's get started on your Wood Windows with getting proper measurements!

The first step to ordering a Wood Window is the correct measurements of your glass. The proper size of all Wood Windows is dependent on the size of your Glass.

When placing your order at the bottom of this page you will select the glass size that fits your measurements. Please follow this infographic for correct measuring.


For more detail on how to properly measure your glass please view this video from Wood Window Makeover founder Steve Quillian that walks you through the entire process of getting your correct measurements for your wood windows.

Artisan Army DIY Wood Window Kits

Now that you've ordered a wood window, you're ready to start the process of finishing and installing your wood window. To help, Wood Window Makeover founder Steve Quillian has carefully handcrafted Do-It-Yourself Kits for each phase. 

Every kit has accompanying videos that are available at no-cost for anyone to watch & learn from. Even if you don't order a kit, we want to support you!

Inside the kits are the exact products, tools, and templates that the Wood Window Makeover team uses in the field and are trained with daily. You'll be equipped with the same knowledge as our artisans as you complete your wood window.


DIY Glazing Kit

Wood Window Makeover constructed the DIY Glazing Kit to assist artisans with successfully glazing their wood windows utilizing the simple to follow techniques with the same trusted products our team uses in the field.


DIY Mechical Makeover Kit

Get your wood windows moving again with the DIY Mechanical Makeover Kit from Wood Window Makeover. Use our easy to follow videos to utilize the kit to get an old window operational or install your newly ordered artisan army wood window.


DIY Paint Kit

Make your wood window standout with a DIY Paint Kit from Wood Window Makeover. Learn the artisan techniques through our videos to pair with the painting equipment our painters use to complete each wood window for that professional look. 

DIY Hardware Kit

Finish your wood window in style with a DIY Hardware Kit. The Wood Window Makeover team has spent 16 years developing the best relationship with suppliers around the world for authentic wood window hardware. Now you can too!

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