Glass is a big deal when it comes to windows! All our glass is cleaned, cut, and glazed  to the sash with professional grade glazing compound.



Our most cost-effective option is new single strength glass. This glass most often matches the thickness of original glass.


Commonly known as 'wavy glass', original wood windows are often distinguishable by the beautiful shimmer of wavy glass. Made by hand in the early 20th Century, wavy glass is filled with unique variations, including ripples, bubbles, and even tones.

When we work on your wood windows, we can carefully harvest this glass and either re-glaze it into rebuilt and refinished sash, or a handmade Accoya sash.

As with all antiques, wavy glass is available in diminishing quantities. The unique qualities also vary considerably, making it a very subjective product to choose for someone else. Clients usually prefer to source their own wavy glass (we can point you in the right direction!) as we do charge a significant premium to cover our time sourcing and selecting the right glass for you.