It was an archetypal time, unlike any other in history. The land of opportunity had reached its full stride. There was an ‘unending’ supply of raw materials, huge advances in technology, and a spirit of hope. America was thriving...

And the ARCHETYPAL WINDOW was the choice across the USA.

Our museum tells the story of your window and why it is so important.

The New Mural
Tampa Heights Diamond Lite
Sash Class
Diamond Pattern Sash
The Guest Room
Picture Frame Class
Timeline Hallway
Wall of Influence
Historic Homes Workshop
Custom Hardare
First Friday Workshop
Historic Homes Workshop
Total Window Makeover Workshop
Sash Making Workshop
Historic Homeowner Fair
Master Craftsman
Pass on the knowledge
Reclaimed Hardware
Hardware stripping tools
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Window Parts
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In keeping with museum authenticity, we craft solutions that make your windows a conversation piece that will enhance your home and increase it's value.  If you want your windows to be everything they were meant to be and more, visit our museum and see what we can do for you.



Our Museum Artisans are the best in the nation.  Our authentic window workshops have attracted people from all over the country.  Homeowners, DIYers, architects, engineers, contractors and historic home enthusiasts from every walk of life have been empowered to renew the windows and buildings they love.  Some have even gone on to start their own businesses.